How to Find a Water Damage Restoration Expert in Orlando

Got a big wet mess to fix? Click through to find the experts in water damage Orlando residents rely on. The thing most people don’t realize about water damage is the three types – clean, grey, and black – are all completely fixable. Although the “darker” water poses larger health risks, a competent expert in the field should be able to handle it.

You may wonder what each type of water damage is, and if you’ve recently taken on some damage, what type your house is suffering from. Here’s a quick rundown (credit – Wikipedia):

Clean Water

Clean water is the least severe of the three types, as it is the least noxious, posing no significant threat to humans. This type of water damage may result from overflowing tubs and sinks as well as broken or damaged water supply lines.

water damage
This guy needs water damage restoration

Grey Water

Grey water, unlike clean water, is known to pose problems to those exposed to it. Ingestion of, or sometimes simple exposure to, grey water may cause illness in those who encounter it, as it contains a considerable amount of contaminants. Some causes include sump pump failures, overflows of toilet water containing urine, and discharge from malfunctioning washing machines or dishwashers.

Black Water

Black water is hugely problematic, representing a great threat to human well-being, causing serious health complications in those exposed to it. This type of water may originate from places such as sewers, seas, oceans, rivers, or streams. Also, make sure to remove grey water asap, as this water may devolve into black water as it stagnates.

No matter the type of water and the seeming severity of the issue, it’s important to find the right team for the job. The experts found at will take care of your water damage restoration issues and have things back to normal.