4 common personal injuries at a workplace

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The incident of workplace injuries has become a primary concern for big and small organisations alike especially in the cities like Cairns where hard labour is a given. Although we assume that work-related injuries happens only in more dangerous workplaces such as factories and construction sites, we need to become aware of equally critical injuries that occur in regular offices. So here are 4 common personal injuries at a workplace.

1. Repetitive Motion – This a less obvious kind of workplace injury but very harmful in the long run. Repetitive movements like typing or using the computer non-stop can strain your muscles and also tendons leading to back pain,carpal tunnel syndrome and vision problems,

2. Overexertion – This injury has consistently been ranked as the number one type of injury that occurs at the workplace. This is primarily caused by rigorous activities at work such as pulling,pushing, lifting, holding, throwing and carrying.

3. Work-related disease – If you are self-employed you cannot make a work-related disease claim. However, if you are an employee of a firm and you contract a disease due to your employment, you can claim for compensation. Often claims are made for lung problems, asbestos-related diseases, industrial deafness and joint issues.

4. Accident at work – An employer has an obligation to do everything they can to ensure your protection in the workplace. If they have not provided you with the safety equipment you need to carry out your job safely, or have not granted you with health and safety training, your employer may have been negligent.

If any of these situations happen true with you, you should contact a specialist personal injury lawyer today to talk through your claim. They will be able to give you advice in minutes and will be able to let you know whether you have ground for a viable claim, and the next steps to take if so. don’t get stranded if any of the above injuries happen there are many personal injury lawyers in Cairns who can help.

Workplace safety should be a priority for both employee and employers. Most of these workplace injuries are avoidable. Therefore a careful planning of work facilities and workstations can help prevent work-related incidents. For one, workplaces should adhere to proper engineering control systems that minimise strenuous working activities, and repetitive motion in the office.

Employees should be up to date on appropriate use of office equipment and should be reviewed and reinforced accordingly. It is good to incorporate fitness programs and exercises regiments for health benefit of workers. Lastly, it is important that the employees themselves practice pre-cautionary activities to protect themselves from any workplace injury.